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Houndoom by Ruth-Tay

Holy crap, that thing looks vicious... Ok, that out of the way, this is an amazing, and in my mind, accurate portrayal of that menacing...



Cloud Strife. Because who DIDN'T see that coming!
Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. I open my still tired eyes and reach for the alarm clock. Barely able to lift my arm up to press the snooze button, not to mention my hand, it takes me multiple tries to hit the clock. Five, to be exact, but even when I hit it, I still hear the beeping.

I then glance at the time. 9:02 a.m. After rolling my eyes, I answer the phone.

"I know what you did..."

Groaning, I take a deep breath. "Really? It's been two weeks, and you're still going at this?"

I get no response on the other end, but I know for a fact that the call is still on.

"Yeah, I know what I did last night, too. After coming home from work, I did some jumping jacks while singing Rudolph the flipping Red-Nosed Reindeer, even though I had Frosty the Snowman on."

Still no response. I have him confused, so let's see how far I can take this...

I continue, "Then I ran into the kitchen and made a four-course breakfast starting with eggs and fish, and finishing up with overcooked ham."


I interrupt him, as I continue with "But, wait! I'm not done! After that, I ran into the living room and started jumping on the couch, making the best poses in mid-air. Since, you know, I was a professional ballet dancer."

"Ok, you've made your point-"

"Ah, I'm about done! I finished up my night with a running sprint for the bedroom and pounced onto the bed like it was the prey to my predator. After that, I passed out and that is what I did!"

After a brief moment of silence, the caller finally replies, "You know, you've really taken the fun out of this."

With a wide smile, I respond, "I know. And now, so do you."

And with that, I hang up. Now I know he'll never... never try that again. Of course, all I really did was come home and went straight to bed.

But he doesn't have to know that.
I Know What I Did Last Night
Yet another assignment, this one much less serious than my previous one. For the record, the prompt was that a stranger had been calling me at the exact same time for two weeks straight, saying, "I know what you did." Knowing others would make a very serious story out of it, I decided to go in the completely opposite direction.
*Sigh* Why am I so excited about this trailer?

The 90's got pretty f**king weird...

For the record, the entire name of the next show I'm reviewing is Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad. And it was partially made by the 90's masters of just throwing random shows out there, DiC. The basic plot is really very simple - a kid and his friends get abilities that allow them to go into the internet and destroy "mega-virus" monsters that are attacking and destroying everything around them. Now, at first glance, one could say it's a Power Rangers clone. I know I used to, but after doing a bit of digging, I found more than a few things that makes me sure that it is not a clone.
It's more a cultural homage to two different franchises: Ultramar and Godzilla, both of whom actually have connections with the show in question. I said how DiC only partially made the show. Well, that's because the rest of it was the work of Tsurubaya Productions, the company that gave us Ultraman which in turn inspired the Power Rangers. The company founder, though he passed on before the creation of Superhuman Samurai, was also one of the co-creators of Godzilla.
But, enough about history: does the show stand well alone? Sadly, no. The dialogue (and characters) were about as cheesy as an extra cheese Stuffed Crust pizza from Pizza Hut, the acting was somewhere in-between pretty good and pretty god-awful, and the special effects were heavily dated. But, to some deranged loonies out there, this series can be seen as pretty fun.

My final score: 6/10.
My guests are coming, and as I gaze into the mirror, I look past myself, I look past my castle. And all I see is a dark void, empty and alone, as it has been for many a decade.
My guests are coming, and soon, that empty void will be filled. Such a battle-scarred warrior such as I should be expected to have allies of some kind. But I have never gone into battle with anyone at my side; only my wit and my will to survive were my allies.
My guests are coming, and to prepare, I have crafted my strongest armor and blade yet. Steel on steel to create a more perfect sword and iron on iron to create a more perfect armor, a dark combination made to strike terror into the hearts of my enemies.
My void shall soon be no more, for I am the Black Knight. And my guests are coming.
My Guests Are Coming
One of my college writings, I had to make a story about a character looking into a mirror. I decided to do something a bit...stranger with the premise. Hope you like it.
Cloud Strife. Because who DIDN'T see that coming!


United States

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