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Houndoom by Ruth-Tay

Holy crap, that thing looks vicious... Ok, that out of the way, this is an amazing, and in my mind, accurate portrayal of that menacing...


Mikuji by DiscordsDestiny
The first Daimon, Mikuji attacked an unsuspecting Sailor Moon, and would've won if it wasn't for Uranus' "World Shaking" and Neptune's "Deep Submerge."
Wipeout Steering by DiscordsDestiny
Wipeout Steering
The Daimon actually captured the Heart Crystal from her victim, and was about to escape when Sailor Uranus' "World Shaking" caused her to crash out.
Steering by DiscordsDestiny
With the appearance of a car, and four wheels to drive herself with, she was sent after the Pure Heart Crystal belonging to an owner of a car shop. The villains were desperate here.
Sailor Moons DD Girls by DiscordsDestiny
Sailor Moons DD Girls
Otherwise known as the "Doom and Gloom Girls," these were an elite squad of Youma that Queen Beryl sent out to destroy the Sailor Scouts. For the most part, they failed.
Ok, I hate to start this off on a negative note, but I have to ask: are in-your-face characters the norm these days? Because, if it is, I want off. Also, I know that the kids like shows that are a bit wild, God knows I did, but a massive turn-off for me is when a show becomes random just for the sake of being random. I'm staring directly at Uncle Grandpa and Teen Titans Go...

Anyways, Star Butterfly is a monster-fighting princess from the dimension of Mewni, who is banished to Earth due to being too immature upon receiving a magic wand. For the first half of the first episode, she is almost off the walls IN-FRICKING-SANE! Her over-hyperactive energy nearly gave me a headache. But, after she toned it down a notch...or...fifty...I found her to be extremely likable. Almost lovable.

The other main character is a boy named Manny Diaz, who is her chaperone...I guess... and by that, I mean he is forced to live with her. His parents are stereotypes of stereotypes of dumb parents, but they are literally on for about two minutes then they're never seen again. There's a villain, but, again, stereotype of stereotype.

And then we get the second episode. This is where I begin to enjoy the characters even more, and we're introduced to Flying Princess Pony Head. I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP. And, while I'm at it, I HATE THIS TYPE OF NAMING!!! It's present in the fart-stain Uncle Grandpa with Giant Realistic Flying Tiger, and now it's carried on to this show. I don't like it. But, what's in a name? Earlier I said how Star is borderline insane, Pony Head IS insane! She's overly possessive of her friend, Star, and as they jump through dimensions, she goes as far as to leave him behind as well as attempt to kill him. However, she gets redeemed in the ending of the episode, and it seems genuine.

In total, this show is a sugar-hyped mind-f***. But, it's one I wouldn't mind going through again...just let me tune my brain to its insanity. 7/10.


United States

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